Commercial uPVC Door Locks

uPVC windows are generally reliable, but when they do have a problem, you need a specialist to fix them – so give us a call.

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Our locksmiths are specialists in uPVC door repairs and carry all the equipment and spare parts they need to fix any issue a customer may have with their uPVC doors in their commercial property. Our experienced locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so whatever the problem you are having with your uPVC doors, then wherever you are in Leicester and the East Midlands, we can help.

Our technicians’ carry spare parts for all brands of uPVC doors with them on their vans, from hinges to gearboxes, which means the job can be carried out on first visit, with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your day.



A broken lock is a security risk, but our locksmiths have the training and experience to quickly identify what the problem is and fix it – no matter what brand, size or type of operation the door has.


Broken uPVC door handles are a common issue we see, and it is usually down to a lock that has been badly fitted, which puts extra pressure on the handles, which causes them to break. Our locksmiths carry a broad range of handles in their vans, so no matter what brand or configuration it is, it can be fixed.


If a uPVC door is not locking properly, it can simply be that adjustments are needed to the door and its hinges – often known as heel and towing. This doesn’t require any new parts, and the door can be quickly repaired by our locksmith. It also means that the cost is kept low.


The gearbox is often the culprit when there is a problem with the uPVC door’s locking mechanism. The gearbox, the main mechanism for the lock system occasionally breaks due to prolonged harsh use when lifting the door handles as part of the locking system. But our locksmiths have an extensive range of replacement gearboxes for uPVC doors, meaning it can be quickly fixed on an initial visit.


Today, uPVC doors are very secure, but if you want to make it extra secure, our locksmiths can fit additional parts such as internal locks, spy holes and door chains. These additions can be fitted quickly, and our locksmiths leave no trace that work has been carried out. We know how these can give customers extra peace of mind, knowing that their uPVC doors are as secure as possible.

All our trained and experienced locksmiths carry with them specialist tools and a range of locks on their van, which means they can change a lock quickly, allowing you get back on with your day.

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Excellent service, very professional and fantastic customer service. We are more than happy to recommend

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Excellent Service, certainly recommend. Thank you Matt

Sarah Duncombe

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Amazing service and really friendly. Helped me out when I was panicking over locking myself out. Even replaced my lock for me as it was so badly put in to prevent me locking myself out because the lock is so bad. Would 100% recommend to everyone

Leo Mayer

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If you live in Leicester or the wider East Midlands, give us a call – our team are on standby 24/7 and a member of the team can be dispatched within an hour in an emergency.

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