Commercial Alarm System Installation

If you are looking to upgrade the security of your commercial premises by installing an alarm system, then we can help. We supply a range of cutting-edge Ajax domestic alarm systems that can significantly increase security.

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Burglar alarm systems are a well-established security device. Not only do they provide security when the office or warehouse is closed by providing a loud sound when it is breached – the last thing a burglar wants is attention drawn to the property – they can also be linked to the local police station.
Alarms also provide a visual deterrent to burglars when they see the box on the front of the premises.

We supply and install Ajax brand alarm systems. These state-of-the-art alarm systems include motion sensors that sense trespassers from the first step they make onto your premises and raise the alarm instantly. They are smart enough to recognise the difference between intruders and animals or swinging branches.

The systems are easy to use, including the ability to be set and monitored using a smartphone app.
Ajax products also include sirens, which can scare off potential intruders and alert neighbours, and smart sockets that can automate things like electric locks or gates.

If you are interested in installing an Ajax alarm system in your commercial premises and live in Leicester or the wider East Midlands, give us a call – our team are on standby 24/7. Our prices are competitive with all other locksmiths in the Leicester and East Midlands area, so give our team a call for a no-obligation quote for an Ajax alarm system to be installed.

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If you live in Leicester or the wider East Midlands, give us a call – our team are on standby 24/7 and a member of the team can be dispatched within an hour in an emergency.

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